Pigeon Under Solar Panels?

Pigeon nesting underneath your solar panels is a common problem on a national scale. The space under solar panels is ideal for birds nesting, therefore it’s not surprising that pigeons and other pest birds are attracted to your solar panels.

The mess, debris, poo, feathers that pigeons leave behind are not only health hazard, but can also cause damage to the panels surface and components, affecting solar panel performance. Not to mention the noise, which can be really annoying and can affect your sleep at night. PigeonSolarSolution.co.uk (PSS) is here to help with this problem, our dedicated service to pigeon proofing solar panels provides a very effective solution is that is designed specifically to keep all bird pests from getting under your solar Panels.

Your solar panels were designed to last at least 20 to 25 years, adding our solar panel pigeon proofing/protective mesh barriers to your solar panels will provide peace of mind for the life of your PV system.

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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Our pigeon proofing solar panels service is highly effective in preventing pigeons and other bird pests from nesting under or around your solar panels.

Implemented by our experienced and professional team, Pigeon Solar Solution has an experienced and highly skilled workforce at your disposal that guarantees to eradicate pigeons under your solar panels. We are building a strong reputation across the whole country for our high levels of workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts will permanently remove bird pests or any other animal from under your solar panels. Then will install our bespoke Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels solution that comes with a 10-year guaranteed.

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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

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Whether you need advice on how to get rid of pigeons from nesting under your solar panels or simply need our cleaning solar panels service, you can rely on Pigeon Solar Solution to deliver the best and most professional service.

We use only the very latest equipment, products and technology to offer a solution that will exceed your expectations.

All our operatives are fully trained and highly experienced, regardless of your location, the number of solar panels you have, size or height of your home, we are trained and fully qualified to handle the job.

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Expert in Solar Proofing

All our employees are professionally trained to industry standards, our staff are fully trained to legally work on your property.

Professional & Affordable

Our professional team know what works best and most efficient, so you get the best service with minimal intrusion to your life.

10 Year Guarantee

Our bespoke solar panels protective service includes 10-year guaranteed proofing of solar panels against pigeons or any other bird or pest.

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    We are able to provide our customers with fast and accurate no obligation consultation or quotations for any of our services which includes pigeon proofing for solar panels, solar panels cleaning or gutter cleaning.

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    Reliable and affordable pigeon proofing solar panels service

    We offer the most reliable and professional bird proofing solution, which includes solar panels cleaning as well as gutter cleaning services across a wide area of the UK. We fully understand how frustrating having pigeons under your solar panels can be, and our team of experts are here to help and advise. Whatever your bird proofing issue might be, regardless of your query or location, feel free to contact us, or send us an email.


    Pigeon Solar Solution will humanely and permanently remove all pests from under your solar panels, before they cause more damage. The sooner you deal with the issue the better and you’ll be able to get a peace of mind and sleep well at night without any pigeon disturbances.

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Nationwide Services - Residential & Commercial

    No matter your location, anywhere in the UK, our team will come to you and help to get rid of any pigeon nesting under your solar panels. We provide both residential and commercial services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are common questions we get asked by our customers, get in touch if you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQs.

    1. Why do pigeon get under my solar panels in the first place?

    Pigeons, jackdaws, seagulls and similar pest birds will choose to nest on buildings instead of trees or shrubs. This is because buildings, specifically nesting under solar panels, provide perfect protection from all kinds of weather, wind, rain and even heat radiation when the weather is hot in summer.


    Shaded in the summer, warmth in winter, additionally, day and night they are are protected from potential predators – pigeons could not ask for more when choosing a home.

    2. Are pigeons affecting the performance of my solar panels?

    In addition to the general health and safety issues that pigeons may bring, when pigeons choose to nest under or around solar panels, there is a high risk that significant droppings on the panels will affect the performance of your solar panels.


    Therefore, it is essential that the problem is resolved as soon as possible, and this is where our team of experts comes in.

    3. What is included in solar panel pigeon proofing job/installation?

    Our solar panel pigeon proofing service is reliable and guarantee to completely eradicate pigeons from nesting under your solar panel. As part of our process, the first thing we do is to drive pigeons and any squabs out of your solar panels. We then completely remove as much nest material as possible.


    This followed by a thorough cleaning out of as much of the nesting material, done carefully without any risk to damage and affect performance of your solar panels.


    We finally carry out the guaranteed pigeon proofing around the outer edges of your panels. Please note we will not drill into your solar panels to fit the bird mesh, this is important in order to make sure that the warranty with your solar panel company is not affected. We use bespoke mesh clips to attach our galvanised steel anti-bird netting.

    4. After installation is complete will pigeons stay around or persist on my property?

    After the installation of proofing your solar panels, pigeon may try to return, but will eventually move on after access to enter the panel has been blocked. If re-invaded within 10 years, we will return to your property and solve the problem free of charge.

    Local and qualified solar panel pigeon proofing specialists

    We offer comprehensive bird control which includes pigeon proofing solar panels and clean-up services over a wide area of the UK. We fully understand your frustrations, and we are here to advise and help.

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    We have solar proofing experts operating all across Greater London and surrounding areas

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