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Below are common questions on our services includes pigeon proofing solar panels or any of our services. These are questions we get asked by our customers, get in touch if you have a question that isn't answered in below or in our FAQs section.

1. Are pigeons affecting the performance of my solar panels?

Pigeon dropping on and around your solar panels is likely to have a corrosive effect on your roof tiles. This is because as the time passes and pigeons are living underneath your solar panels there will be a large amount of fouling build up and the droppings are likely to cause irreversible damage to your panels which will increase corrosion.

Also pigeons or other animals residing under your solar panels can dislodge or chew wires and fill up the underside with nesting materials, which can potentially cause fires or eventually cause the panels to stop working all together.

2. What are the risks if I don't stop the pigeons from nesting under my solar panels?

As previously explained there are endless risks should you not stop pigeons from nesting under your panels by opting for PPS’s effective solution. Health, noise, mess on your roof along the danger and the possibility that the performance of your panels will diminish or cause your panels to stop working all together.

3. How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

There are a number of factors that will determine how much you pay to pigeon proof your solar panels. Accessibility to your panels is crucial and this is where the cost can increase, whether the technicians use a ladder, or require setting up scaffolding. However the cost for removing pigeon from underneath your panels and installing mesh netting is pretty standard.

4. What is included in solar panel pigeon proofing job/installation?

There are three main aspects when it comes to pigeon proofing of solar panels, first you pay for the removal of existing nesting pigeons and the cleaning of the area making sure there is no bird or animal left under your solar PVs.

Then you pay for the application of biocide treatment to get rid of any possible bird mites and to break down any hardened pigeon guano that may have become stuck on your panels.

5. Are pest control companies better to use over a solar panel company?

Most companies that provide pigeon proofing for solar panels tend to be pest control companies as opposed to companies that sell solar panels. This is because pigeons are considered hazard pests and therefore these companies will know what to do.

6. What areas of the UK does your service cover?

Our services cover all areas of mainline UK, we have operatives in all areas and can respond to a request of service at short notice.

7. Will you clean the mess created by pigeons nesting under my solar panels?

This is included as part of our proofing service, we will clean the area under your panels as well as applying biocide in order to get rid of any bird mites and also to break down hardened pigeon guano that may be stuck on your solar panels

8. On the day of installation if the weather is bad, what will happen?

Safety always comes first, bad weather can cause safety concerns due to wet and slippery roots. Also moss covered roofs are a danger to our technicians, therefore we may have to re-arranged the appointment for a different date.

9. After installation is complete will pigeons stay around or persist on my property?

After the installation of proofing your solar panels, pigeons may try to return, but will eventually move on after access to enter the panel has been blocked. If re-invaded within 10 years, we will return to your property and solve the problem free of charge.

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